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August 10, 2021


The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, or ACCA, is one of the most premier accounting organizations in the world, with more than 200,000 members across 178 countries. This organization is known for offering one-of-its-kind qualification that is designed to prepare students for a wide range of financial and accounting careers.

How To Choose The Right Starting Point For Acca?

How To Choose The Right Starting Point For Acca?

You are a working professional or a student, every time when you want to start your career in the finance department, ACCA membership is the best decision. More often, the working professionals want to explore a different area and when you are choosing the Finance sector. Enrolling for the ACCA certifications is undoubtedly the best idea.

ACCA is a most valuable accountancy degree. When you want to be in the financial sector with accountancy, their certifications are worth everything.

How The ACCA Qualification Is Helping You To Build Your Technical Expertise

The ACCA qualification can be a sure-shot way to build your technical expertise in complex financial management and accounting concepts. The qualification also rigorously trains you for different challenges you might face in a financial management career.

You are in luck if you are interested in becoming a qualified chartered accountant and want to know more about the ACCA qualification. This blog can clear all your queries if you want to study ACCA courses online for a successful accounting career.

Why Should You Pursue The ACCA Qualification?

Why Should You Pursue The ACCA Qualification?

An ACCA qualification is well-recognized throughout the world for its stringent academic and technical standards. Employers seek out ACCA members owing to their renowned abilities for strategic thinking, financial know-how, and strong business acumen, as well as highly professional and ethical standards.

An ACCA qualification can directly translate into high-paying career opportunities across the globe. The organization has a network of more than 7,400 approved employers and 80 accountancy partnerships which can make your job search easier after you become ACCA qualified.

What Does The ACCA Qualification Involve?

The qualification has three exam stages and additional Ethics and Professional Skills modules with a mandatory professional experience requirement. The qualification requires you to complete 14 different subject modules for you to be ACCA certified. These subjects include disciplines like financial management, taxation, audit and assurance, and strategic business reporting.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Studying ACCA?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Studying ACCA?

Since the ACCA qualification is well-known across the financial world and can unlock many career opportunities, the eligibility criteria for applying to be an ACCA member are also very stringent.

Here are the top criteria you need to get started with your ACCA qualification.

  • Three GCSEs and two A levels in five different subjects, which should include Mathematics and English
  • Three years of relevant work experience

Fulfilling these criteria can allow you to start your ACCA journey from the Foundation level. If you have additional qualifications like a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in relevant disciplines, you can claim specific exemptions from having to take all the exams for the qualification.

What Kind Of Courses Can You Opt For Getting An ACCA Qualification?

One of the prime advantages of an ACCA qualification is its flexibility. You can choose where to complete your work experience, how much time to devote to your studies, and how often to attempt ACCA exams.

You can complete the ACCA syllabus modules through a wide range of course options offered by their approved learning providers. These include:

  • Full-time courses;
  • Weekend/ Part-time courses;
  • Distance learning courses;
  • Online courses; and
  • Preparatory programs.

The flexible approach to ACCA learning also includes the availability of on-demand computer-based exams, which can be attempted at any time of the year.

Look for a reputed ACCA learning provider with high academic standards today to take the first step towards a successful financial career.


ACCA is the most valuable certification degree. So when you want to proceed with your career in the finance department, this is the best choice you will get. So what is your future planning? Do you want to be a certified accountant? Explore the area and choose the right career for you.

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