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2021 ford transit-350 passenger

In comparison to the Ford Transit-150, the new 2024 Ford Transit-350 Passenger has more space and got the ability to accommodate more passengers. Moreover, if you want to upgrade your van for better handling, as well as more space, modern features, and driver assistance, then the 2024 Ford Transit-350 Passenger XLT is the one you must look for.

A bit more high priced than most of its competitors in the same segment, the 2024 Ford Transit 350 Passenger XLT offers a more luxurious feeling than others. Furthermore, with better performance and comfort, the new Ford Transit-350 makes a place for itself as a top-grade passenger vehicle that has enough power to complete the job.

How Is The 2021 Ford Transit-350 Passenger Different?

How Is The 2021 Ford Transit-350 Passenger Different

In comparison to the 2020 Ford Transit-350 Passenger, the 2024 version surely has smoother transmission capability. Hence, your driving experience will obviously get better. In addition, the vehicle comes with a higher payload capability for RWD and AWD-type van configurations. Hence, we saw an increased GVWR to 11000 lbs.

On the other hand, in all the Ford Transit vans of single rear-wheel variants, you will observe electronic parking brakes coming in as a standard option. Furthermore, the pricing just increased a bit, and the standard features, more or less, remained the same in all the variants.

Why The 2024 Ford Transit-350 Passenger Van Is A Good Option?

Why The 2021 Ford Transit-350 Passenger Van Is A Good Option
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The practicality and the high-level customizability of the 2024 Ford Transit-350 make it a great option for someone who is looking to upgrade to a new passenger vehicle with better performance and control. This is exactly what many van drivers want in this segment. The 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger van has the capability to become a good cargo vehicle for business as well.

Furthermore, a high number of safety features in the Ford Transit-350 also makes it a reasonable option despite it being a bit more high priced than its competitors. Furthermore, better engine performance makes the ride quite comfortable for the riders as well as the passengers. If you opt for the 15-seat option, you will also get the EcoBoost feature.

2024 Ford Transit 350 Passenger Interior – What’s New?

2021 Ford Transit 350 Passenger Interior – What’s New
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On the 2021 Ford Transit 350 Passenger inside, you will observe a really good noise cancellation option after you close the vehicle’s door. Up to 15 passengers can sit in this passenger van, and you will have the option to select different options as per the roof height you require.

Furthermore, the cabin design of the new 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger van looks contemporary and shiny. Additionally, in terms of driver comfort, the van really stands out. Apart from that, you will also find the infotainment and connectivity features of the vehicle quite interesting.

2021 Ford Transit-350 Passenger – Major Features

2021 Ford Transit-350 Passenger – Major Features

The major need for full-size vans like the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger is in using them for shuttle vehicles and work vehicles. The efficient powertrain of this passenger van offers a lot of power and payload capacity to lift passengers and cargo. With a refined interior and smooth performance, the vehicle lets itself stand among the best options in the market.

The following are the major aspects that you will need to consider for the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger van:

1. Pricing


The 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger pricing starts from $43,640. Although a bit pricier than its direct competitors, still in terms of a smooth ride, handling, and comfort, the vehicle stands out. 

According to Truecar.com, “Other large transport vans can’t match the Transit’s smooth and quiet ride, standard safety tech, and agile handling. Ford offers several upfit options for various industries, and removable seats allow it to double as a cargo van.”

2. Performance And Engine

Performance And Engine
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Every variant of the 2024 Ford Transit comes with two powertrains. The powerful variant of the car offers a 3.5L V6 engine with the capability to generate 410 lb.-ft of torque and 310 horsepower. Furthermore, in the engine, you will get the option of 10-speed transmission, and at the time of buying, you can choose between all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The vehicle can accommodate up to 7500 lbs.

3. Handling And Driving

Handling And Driving
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The comfortable driving experience you will get through the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger is hardly available in other similar options. The all-wheel drive option will also help you to improve your grip. Furthermore, with better supportive seating, you will not feel uncomfortable on longer trips. With the help of the EcoBoost V6 option, you can easily transport 15 people.

4. Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

In comparison to the 2024 version, the fuel economy did not get better. It is almost the same (15-19 mpg) as the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger van. Furthermore, in terms of the federal fuel-economy standards, full-size vans like the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger get exempt. Hence, this van is not tested by the Environmental Protection Agency.

5. Infotainment And Connectivity Features

Infotainment And Connectivity Features
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The standard version of the 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger van is equipped with many features. Some of them include a music streaming option, Bluetooth phone, and a 4-speaker sound system. Furthermore, you will also get the option to choose between a 4-inch multi-function display and an 8-inch display.

6. Safety Features

Safety Features

The 2024 Ford Transit-350 passenger got a rating of 4 stars from the NHTSA. However, the vehicle comes with different driver-assistance features that make handling the vehicle quite comfortable. Other features include- Automated Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Lane-keeping Assistance, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and other features.

What Common Problems Does the 2024 Ford Transit Have?

There are some common problems found in the 2024 Ford Transit. This includes exhaust fumes in the cabin, some stereo system issues, and premature brake wear. Below, I will discuss some common problems the 2024 Ford Transit has. 

1) Exhaust Fumes In The Cabin 

One of the most common problems of the 2024 Ford Transit is its exhaust fumes in the cabin. After all, some exhaust clamps might get lost from the factory and allow gasses to escape into the cabin. Even this will help repair the problem, which usually costs just under $100 and depends on local labor rates. 

2) Stereo System Issues 

Did you hear about that complaint about the 2024 Ford Transit? Well, with the problem of touchscreen freezing, 2024 transit owners will also give reports at around 5000 miles. Aside from that, some software updates are available for the SYNC system, improving its reliability. Some more dealerships will help you to install updates, especially for free. 

3) Premature Brake Wear 

Another issue customers have discovered is premature brake wear in the 2024 Ford Transit. In particular, the front brakes tend to wear down quicker than in other vans.

Summing Up

To sum up, the 2024 Ford Transit-350 Passenger has some great features which you will definitely appreciate. For example, it comes with a wide-ranging list of features to provide driver assistance. Furthermore, as a driver, you will be amazed at the handling capability of the van. Once you lock the door, you will feel less noise, and the interior looks great too. 

However, it is a bit more high priced than some of its competitors, has lesser payload capacity, and has shorter warranty coverage. Still, the modern dynamics of the vehicle makes it a good option for cargo and passenger vehicle. If you are looking for a 2024 Ford Transit 350 Passenger for sale, visit your nearest Ford showroom now!

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